Earthquakes line in the world

Earthquakes line in the world


Earthquakes, also known as Earthquakes line in the world , are a natural phenomenon that consists of a series of concussive vibrations that hit the ground in an area as a result of the movement of rock plates, and detecting aftershocks known as seismic waves.

Earthquakes line in the world

Also known as an earthquake belt or fire belt area; this term is called those areas eligible for an earthquake more than other areas, and is described so because of the high temperatures in the earth’s crust and make matters worse is rich in minerals such as iron and copper, this increases the possibility of expansion in the bottom The earth’s crust is the result of high temperatures absorbed during daylight hours, and when it happens to friction the moving earth pages in the opposite direction. There is a concussion over the upper crust, especially where there is a significant change in temperature during the day. Rabieh joined the earthquake line such as Lebanon, Sinai, Palestine, Syria and Turkey, in addition to a number of other countries.

Seismic belts

The belt of fire,

which includes all the earthquakes that hit the countries passing in southern Europe and up to China.

The convergence belt between Europe and Africa,

and this refers to the transit of the eastern Mediterranean from the coasts of Turkey to the Levant and to Egypt and the Maghreb countries.

The eastern African groove belt,

which includes the extended regions of the Levant: Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan, and includes mountain ranges west of the Red Sea to Ethiopia and Congo.

The Asian-European belt,

which borders the Himalayas to the Alps, embraces Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and the Asian Commonwealth republics to finally reach Europe.

The most dangerous belt in the world

is the most dangerous in the world.It includes the surrounding areas from the east to the west of the Pacific, and includes both Japan and the United States coasts.It is the main cause of 3/4 earthquakes in the world.

Earthquake damage

Earthquakes, according to their intensity, cause observable damage by humans. They lead to the depletion of springs or the eruption of new ones, as well as damage to the earth by cracking them. Earthquakes are measured according to the Richter scale; they range from 1-10, with 10 being the maximum earthquake and causing mass destruction of cities and sometimes turning them upside down.