Decorative Stones

Decorative Stones

The choice of decorative stones for the wall adds a touch of dramatic and beautiful to modern homes, natural stones give a unique character to the space, whether the size of your home large or small.

  • Mica Stone

(Mica Sandstone)

This is form of sedimentary rock made up of quartz. This is formed in various environments whether there is water or not. It can be automatically formed in a river, ocean or desert that makes it capable for any weather. Mica does not contain any specific mineral, but still, there are some other minerals such as clays, hematite, feldspar, limonite, and mica that add color and character to it.
That’s why sand stone is found in many color
s and patterns 

  • Mica Application

– Fireplaces:

Red and yellow Mica match with fire waves, besides this thermal resistant property of Mica make it idle for building fireplaces.

  • Walls:

Excellent binding with cement and long lasting durability make Mica perfect option for making walls, beams, pillars, wall facings, arches, garden furniture, landscaping products and arts and crafts, etc.

  • Resistant to Corrosion and weathering:

As Mica are formed automatically in any environment so they are resistant to any corrosion and weather. That’s why they are used for paving, tiles, slabs, and blocks. The different shades
and patterns of Mica make garden pavement gorgeous.

  • Manufacturing of plate:

Sandstones are resistant to air and they have low water absorption ability because of this they are used in manufacturing of plate glass, table glassware and common glassware.

  • Egyptian Hashma

Hashma is a yellow – beige Sandstone from Egypt, Suitable for interior and exterior use . 

characterized by the presence of many tiny holes, caused by trapped gas bubbles during its formation. This creates a porous, uneven surface, which is referred to as Unfilled Hashma. When these cavities are filled with cement or another material, the result is called Filled Hashma and may be honed and polished to provide a uniform surface similar to marble. 

Hashma Sandstone Uses

 Kitchen, Bathroom, Stairs, Countertops , exterior wall capping , the walls of the gardens , window sills ,floor and wall tiles .

  • Basalt stone

Basalt is a volcanic stone that has been used in architecture for centuries.

Basalts are rich in magnesium, feldspar, pyroxene, and iron, with hints of olivine and amphibole; all of which are siliceous materials similar to those in granite. Although Basalts boast the durability of granite, they tend to have the consistent coloration, markings, and subtlety of a limestone.

  • Basalt Sandstone Uses

It used in the walls of the gardens , floor and wall tiles .