Hydrological and Hydro-geological services

  • Geophysical studies for subsurface explorations of groundwater
  • Geophysical studies for Site-selection of solid waste disposal
  • Hydro-geological studies for sustainable development
  • Well studies, drilling, development and analysis
  • Hydro-geologic regime mapping and characterization
  • Assessment of aquifer properties using field tests
  • Evaluation of groundwater quality for drinking, domestic and irrigation use
  • Hydrological studies and assessment of flooding hazards
  • Environmental impact assessment of quarry and mines
  • Construction, operation and maintenance of desalination plants

With efficient groundwater supply growth and management, we support our customers in ensuring long-term availability of high-quality drinkin, domestic and irrigation water. We are specialists in:

  • Performing assessments
  • Rehabilitation, optimisation and rehabilitation options (analysis)
  • Well sitting, designing, allowing, building supervisory and testing
  • Well interference assessments
  • Water quality assessments
  • Interaction assessments with surface water
  • Well head protection