Month: September 2019

Mining Services

Our experience and expertise in quarry/mine design, planning and optimization enables us to provide services include: Preliminary geologic exploration for Marble quarry, granite quarry and economic ore mine Field investigations include geological and structural mapping Raw materials investigation and economically Read More

Economic Ores

Economic Ores Economic Ores are earth materials that can be used for economic and / or industrial purposes. These include precious metals, base metals, non-metallic minerals, building stone…….. these Economic Ores such as : Kaolin One of the strongest types Read More

The Egyptian Marble 

The Egyptian Marble  The Egyptian Marble is a sedimentary stone originating from the deposits of calcified aquatic organisms such as corals, foraminifiers and molluscs, as well as on inks and marine snails. According to its geological nature, it contains varying Read More

Granite Of Egypt

 Granite Of Egypt Granite Of Egypt is a subterranean fiery rock under high temperatures . Granite is formed mainly of three metals quartz and silicate aluminum alkali and plagioclase. These minerals make granite white, crimson, or light gray. Granite also contains small amounts of dark brown or dark green or black minerals such Read More