Types of mining

Types of mining

There are four main types of mining followed all over the world

 Open – Pit Mining:

Where it is more like a large pit and has a distinctive structure such as terraces or terraces “Benches” This type is also used in the case of raw materials at a shallow depth, where the ore is economically present on the surface and the crude concentration is somewhat small in the “ore body” and is abundant in it. Associated impurities or gangue📈.

Underground Mining:

Extraction of minerals with this technique is more cost-effective 📈 than pit mining is usually when a particular ore is high grade or very deep.

Due to the smaller nature of the underground operations it has much lower production rates than surface mines, but it is also able to be more selective and reduce the amount of waste rock mined.

There are also many different sub-surface mining methods that can be implemented, depending on the type of mineral that is extracted and the nature of the deposits:

  •  Shrinkage.
  • Sub-level Long-hole.
  • Room and Pillar.
  • Block Caving.
  • Cut and fill Mining.

Placer Mining:

The search and exploration operations take place on riverbeds or in the sands of the beach ⛱️ and at the mouths of valleys and their minerals have high hardness and resistance to wilderness, sculpture and weathering factors. Such as gold, diamonds, and heavy metals

In-situ Mining:

It is a mining process used to recover minerals such as copper and uranium, through wells dug in the sediments on site, by dissolving the minerals naturally in the solid state.
The process initially involves drilling holes in the ore sediments where hydraulic fracturing or explosives can be used to create open paths in the sediments to penetrate the solution, then the filter solution is pumped into the sediments where it comes into contact with the ore and then the solution carrying the dissolved ore content is pumped to the surface, treated and allowed. This process is by extracting minerals and salts from an ore body without the need for conventional mining, which includes drilling and blasting, open drilling, or underground mining.