To be the leading company in the field of mining and mining industries in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where the Abydos mining have sites in various stages such as exploration, development and production. Abydos relies on diversification, working in the field of talc, glass sand, kaolin, gypsum, iron oxide and other various minerals, exploring local and global opportunities and adding other activities in its growth.

  • The strategic objectives of Abydos are:
    • Focus on operational, commercial and financial excellence in a sustainable approach.
    • Focus on growth locally while strengthening our global position.
    • We achieve high productivity and advanced efficiency to develop our projects according to the highest international standards and according to ambitious timetables .We also continue to progress in the exploration activity to strengthen our future plans with a focus on the development of human competencies and the enhancement of individual and collective skills and abilities to ensure the achievement of goals at all levels.
    • Forming local, regional and international companies to exploit quarries and mines inside and outside the country.

Evaluate and study mines and quarries in terms of costs and operation to assess their economic feasibility